Active Sample Surveys

Please click on the appropriate industry sector link to view an interactive survey template

How would you like us to customize your Survey?
  • Personalize contact for VIP customers – Compass Research will interview your most important customers
  • Embed your Company Logo – display your company logo on the header of the survey
  • Set a Cut-off Date & Time – automatically stop collecting responses after a particular date & time
  • Set a Max Response Count – automatically close the survey after reaching a maximum response count
  • Enable Password Protection – restrict access to your survey with passwords for each respondent
  • Enable IP Blocking – Restrict access from certain IP regions
How would you like to collect Survey responses?
  • Web Link – Create a Web Link to send via email or post to your or our web site (as shown below)
  • Email – Create custom email invitations and track who responds in your list
  • Website –  Embed your survey on your website as a popup window